Become a CWE Musician
The mission of the Colorado Wind Ensemble is to provide opportunities for musicians to create, and audiences to experience, exceptional live performances of the rich and varied genres of music for woodwinds, brass, and percussion. As you might guess, this involves a wide range of performing opportunities for our musicians—Schwantner and Corigliano, Grainger and Holst, Bach and Mozart, Weill and Bernstein, Copland and Sousa . . . band in the park, chamber music, and a full-ensemble concert season. In addition, there are many opportunities for educational outreach with students.

Most CWE members have music degrees and most make at least a portion of their living in music fields. However, our membership includes people from all walks of life, all selected by audition. The main criterion is a commitment to supporting the ensemble in our mission of bringing this great music to audiences.

Audition for the Colorado Wind Ensemble
The Colorado Wind Ensemble holds auditions by appointment on an ongoing basis for membership in the ensemble. The CWE maintains a roster of regular members and alternates, providing many opportunities for musicians to perform throughout the season. In addition to woodwinds, brass, and percussion, we also audition musicians on piano, string bass, and harp.

At this time, the CWE is currently auditioning players for regular positions on horn and baritone saxophone, and for alternate positions on oboe, bassoon, tenor saxophone, trombone, tuba, and percussion.

For More Information
If you are interested in auditioning for the CWE, please send an to our conductor to set up an appointment. If you would like more information, please contact Ellen Christianson at 303-394-4552 or

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